I created this software to help businesses provide a better pricing experience for their customers and reduce their overhead. I also want to help merchant service companies (especially mine) who offer it to stand out from their competition. That’s the short version. If you want the longer version, continue reading.

When I joined the payment processing industry in 2011, I learned quickly that it was a frustrating subject for many business owners. Things that I hear the most included:

  • I don’t understand my fees.
  • My rates keep going up.
  • There are unexpected charges taken from my account.
  • No one helps me with PCI compliance.

As a small business owner myself, I view this as an opportunity and set out to provide a better experience for my clients. Much has changed since then, but the core problems I’ve described still exist in the industry.

In 2019, a long running lawsuit between a group of merchant and NYS was settled. The outcome allowed merchants to add a fee to a customer if they are paying with a card. Although the settlement clearly stated that both card and cash prices must be shown, most new “cash discount” programs did not comply.

Instead, they created signs that read “All existing prices include a cash discounts. If you pay with a card, a 3.99% non-cash adjustment will be added”. The new terminals would then add a fee as a line item.

The program took off like wildfire. It was offered in NY and in other states as well. I suspect that enforcement of the original settlement was delayed due to Covid. But eventually, it would catch up to those in the industry, including me, who were offering this program.

In December of 2022, I learned that states & card brands were going to be addressing this issue soon. The compliant solution was simple: Offer dual pricing by displaying both a card and cash price, or only show the higher card price and offer a cash discount.

There were plenty of retail & restaurant solutions that would do this. But what about businesses who create estimates & invoices? How would they comply? I started searching for dual pricing invoice system and could not find any.

The only options I could find were programs to add a surcharge, not compliant in my state and several others. I thought about a quote I heard from Jack Canfield – “If you’re looking for a book about something and can’t find it, that means you are supposed to write it.”

I decided that I needed to create a solution. I started with a basic excel program. After spending hours designing and tweaking the formulas, I had a working prototype that would do the job. But providing a way for the masses to use it was not practical. I started looking for a developer or company that could create it professionally.

Knowing that I did not have a massive budget, deep knowledge of the software industry, or the time to learn it, my project ended up on the back burner. Until November of 2023.

I was talking with a new sales rep I was training. We were discussing the benefits of dual pricing, and how to properly implement it with different business types. I mentioned that I wanted to create dual pricing software for the auto motive repair industry. I explained that I did not have a developer or a budget for it.

His eye lit up. He explained that he knew the perfect person who could develop this for us. We scheduled a meeting to discuss, and the rest is history. Today, we continue to build out our vision as we learn what features people want & need. I hope that you will give us a try and be part of this journey.