Review: Tekmetric Auto Repair Shop Software

Tekmetric auto repair shop software is a cutting-edge solution designed to streamline operations for automotive repair businesses. It offers a range of features including appointment scheduling, vehicle history tracking, inventory management, and invoicing. What sets Tekmetric apart from other software is its intuitive interface and emphasis on automation. The software utilizes AI-driven technology to optimize workflows, improve efficiency, and enhance customer service. Additionally, Tekmetric’s integration with industry-leading parts suppliers enables seamless access to pricing and availability information. With its focus on innovation and user experience, Tekmetric is revolutionizing the way auto repair shops manage their operations.

Tekmetric distinguishes itself by providing a cloud-based platform accessible from any device with internet connectivity, offering flexibility and convenience to shop owners and technicians. Its robust reporting and analytics tools empower businesses to gain valuable insights into performance metrics, enabling data-driven decision-making for growth and profitability. Furthermore, Tekmetric’s commitment to ongoing updates and customer support ensures that users have access to the latest features and assistance when needed. Overall, Tekmetric stands out as a comprehensive and forward-thinking solution that addresses the evolving needs of modern auto repair shops.


What Others Had to Say

Positive Feedback

From: Elijah K

“The best auto shop management software on the market today with the best team behind it!”
Overall: Going to cloud based software was a game-changer. My entire team now uses the software and relies on it for information sharing. We simply couldn’t do that before. We were always chasing paper, looking for notes, digging in file cabinets, etc. The integrated DVI has solved all those problems and strengthened our customer’s trust in our processes and integrity.
Pros: The thing I love the most about Tekmetric is how quickly new hires can be proficient with the system. It is truly intuitive and anyone that can operate a web browser can be up and running the first day and fluent within a week.
Cons: Honestly, most of my pain points have been fixed. I started with Tekmetric when it was in beta and back then there were some significant weaknesses but they have been addressed. I really do not have an complaints. Probably the only think I miss even a little bit is integration with service info.
From: Chris C
“Amazing We Based Auto Shop Management Software”
Overall: Tekmetric has been leaps and bounds better than our prior SMS. Their team is always responsive and helpful. I would absolutely recommend them to anyone looking for a new SMS.
Pros: Tekmetric is an intuitive, web based SMS. It isn’t on a database at your location and you don’t need a stand alone program. It works on Windows as well as Mac. All you need is a web browser. Don’t let that fool you into thinking that Tekmetric is a small program. It is a fully fleshed out, top tier service management software. This is bleeding edge technology for the automotive aftermarket. The fact that it’s browser based means that it is regularly updated and optimized, usually once ever 2-4 weeks.
Cons: The inventory management function and appointment scheduling suite could use a little work. They seem to continually improve this aspect so I’m certain that one day it will be flawless.


Negative Feedback

From: Jarret S

“Not actually faster”
Overall: Switched from Mitchell1 to do estimates faster. After 2 1/2 months of learning, we switched back. ITS JUST SLOWER. Sorry, but everything takes a million mouse clicks (a mouse is child simple. a keyboard will always be faster). The labor guide lie was too much. Everybody in front of shop felt like the program was still in beta. we were the testers (they wanted us to fill in their labor guide for them), and it wasn’t getting fixed quickly. In the end, we switched back, and within two hours, everybody was telling me it was faster writing estimates in Mitchell.
Pros: Texting inspections to customers was a great feature. The job board was almost usable to replace our Shopfix whiteboard system. The tech support was full of great people who just couldn’t fix issues with the software. The fleet billing is much better than Mitchell. It was a little better for the owner. the reports are better, but still have to custom calculate to get what i want. the “customizable” report they said would be so great, didn’t include all the data i needed.
Cons: The labor guide was a falsehood. it is so full of holes it is unusable. I was told by tech support to use Mitchell’s labor guide for $180/mo. Multiple screens running was not actually useful because if you look up parts in one tab and switch to another, the parts tab crashes. The main summary report had lots of very important things missing. The invoice bottom line was obscure. Seems like a small complaint, it cost us hundreds of dollars in mistakes, and they REFUSED to make the bottom line bigger or colored. The schedule was crazy complicated. We just click and drag appointments to change techs. Tekmetric wants you to click (everything is 3 or more clicks) edit a few times, change color, then go in and change tech, and it STILL would not reassign the tech on the job. We just double click an appointment to start an order. Tekmetric you have to click multiple lines, and then hope you copied your schedule notes, cause they don’t carry over. Also be prepared to get email/passwords for every employee, and they will control their info, not you. This makes no sense.
From: Carlos M
“Complicated to use it “
Overall: it was more difficult to learn to use than my previous program. it has some great features, but I feel I should have evaluated it better before. the problem is that you don’t know how the program will work for you until you use it for a while. I wish I had tried it for a month before transferring my database.
Pros: Ease of DVI, shows declined work on the final invoice and keeps track of declined work.
Cons: Cannot create an estimate without assigning it a permanent RO number.


Tekmetric offers four different subscriptions at different prices. The first is the START subscription for $199/month. The next is the GROW subscription for $349/month. The third is the SCALE subscription for $439/month. The last is the ENTERPRISE subscription which varies in cost.

For more information, please visit the Tekmetric website