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Common Questions

Can I use any processor?

Yes. Our software does not require a specific processor. Payments are completed using a stand alone terminal.

Will you talk to my clients or solicit them?

The only reason we will talk with your clients is to assist with setup or troubleshooting. Our NDA agreement includes a promise from us that we will not force your clients to use our processing service.

Who sets the non-cash rate?

The amount added to the regular price is determined by you and your merchant. We suggest staying within 3.50 – 4%.

Can I charge my client to use this?

Yes. That is between you and your client. We suggest offering it to them for free as an incentive to use your services.

What does my client need to use this?

Our software is browser based. A computer, printer and a good internet connection are the only requirements.

Who will my client contact for support?

They can contact us or you for support. If they contact us, we will copy you on any correspondence.

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