About Our Payment Processor

Using our payment processor is not required to use our software. You may be able to continue with your current processor. If you are working with one of our partners, they may have their own processor as well. If you decide to work with ours, here’s what you should know.

When I joined the merchant service industry in 2011, I was shocked by what I heard. “The last guy burned me.” “I switched before and it cost me even more money.”

I discovered quickly that payment processing was a sore subject for small business owners.

Even though I was a small business owner myself, and had been since 1988, my company provided janitorial cleaning and did not accept credit cards at the time. So, I was oblivious to the industry reputation.

I viewed this as an opportunity. A chance to stand out by providing the best possible service with fair rates and modern equipment. Today, in my 14th year in the industry, this is still my goal.

I want to tell you why I picked Electronic Payments, Inc (EPI) to write my business with. The truth is, there are other companies who will pay me more. But what good is higher pay without excellent service?

I chose EPI because of their reputation with my peers in the industry. Through private social media groups, I have been able to connect with merchant pros from across the country.

Based on long term and reliable feedback, I decided to explore EPI a few years ago. Here’s what I found:

  • A private company founded in 2000 where the owner is still very active.
  • A company reinvesting income into their infrastructure and systems.
  • US based offices in Long Island, NY and Boca Raton FL.
  • Fast in-house tech support with minimal wait times.
  • Flexibility to set my own rates and waive early termination fees.
  • A company that is structured to support independent offices like mine.

If you decide to give us a try, I cannot promise perfection, but I will do my best to provide you with the best experience possible. You can learn more about EPI at www.electronicpayments.com

Scott Gibbens