Review: NAPA Tracs Software

NAPA TRACS is a comprehensive shop management software designed specifically for automotive repair shops. Its standout feature is its integration with the NAPA parts catalog, allowing shops to easily access pricing and availability information, as well as order parts directly from within the software.

One of the key aspects that sets NAPA TRACS apart from other software is its depth of features. It offers tools for managing work orders, scheduling appointments, tracking vehicle histories, managing inventory, and generating invoices. Its user-friendly interface and customizable workflows make it easy for shop owners and technicians to manage day-to-day operations efficiently.

Additionally, NAPA TRACS provides robust reporting capabilities, enabling shops to analyze key performance metrics such as labor productivity, parts usage, and profitability. Its reporting tools offer valuable insights that help shops make data-driven decisions to optimize their operations and maximize profitability.

Furthermore, NAPA TRACS offers excellent customer support and training resources to help shops make the most of its software. With its integration with the NAPA parts catalog, depth of features, and robust reporting capabilities, NAPA TRACS stands out as a valuable solution for automotive repair shops looking to improve efficiency, increase productivity, and drive business growth.


What Others Had to Say

Positive Feedback

From: Shelly G

“Awesome Software”
Overall: I really enjoy the ease of use with the program.
Pros: My favorite feature about this software is the profitability worksheet. It clearly shows me what I set me goals to be and if we meet them.
Cons: The part I liked least is not being able to change the Invoice date. It is needed randomly and would be a useful feature.
From: Missy C
“Love Napa Tracs and the support behind their product is amazing! “
Overall: My work orders and invoices look more modern, professional. We are able to search not only NAPA but all parts vendors on one screen and see their availability. I am able to run many reports and have help customizing to my shop . All the way from the TRACS rep, conversion team, daily access to the National Trainer and the support hotline, no other company offers that support. I have an amazing team behind me. Well done NAPA and NAPA TRACS!
Pros: It is up to date, user friendly, invoices and work order look professional with my customers, integrates well with many other software/products. As Tracs users, we have access to the National Trainer, [SENSITIVE CONTENT]DAILY (Mon-Fri). Also the support team behind Tracs is very knowledgeable and helpful. They are awesome. We used Mitchel 1 for 20 years and I am so happy we switched to Napa TRACS!
Cons: I have asked for some features with Accounts Receivable. I have been told they are working on those and it will be in an update soon. The best part is if you work with the National Trainer which to my knowledge no others have to offer, they listen, will help in anyway they can and they work to improve their product constantly!

Negative Feedback

From: Kevin S

“Feels built for Windows 95”
Overall: Overall, it is probably one of the least functional programs I’ve ever used. It’s a great idea and was probably the best option a decade ago but it could use a full rebuild
Pros: It’s nice that it keeps track of customers, their vehicles and the repair history. I also like being able to order parts directly from the program.
Cons: The software feels like it was built for old computers and has just constantly had new code dumped on top. We have issues with it nearly every day and frequently have to have support come through remote viewer and reinstall it. It has a million different functions and tools but only a very small percentage of them actually work.
From: Robin C
“The old Napa Tracs worked , this doesn’t”
Overall: It actually ruins parts of my day, every day , try having a customer standing in front of you waiting for 3 estimates. I go to O’Reilly’s website and look up the parts faster and type them into the Napa Tracs estimate or I would be here all day….
Pros: This category is asking for 40 words on what I like. I don’t have 40 words. I have been in the automotive repair business for many years. there is nothing about this software that works for this business. Why fix what wasn’t broken.
Cons: Work orders not easy to access, parts look up is way too complicated !!! I worked for Napa for 10 years so how to, and part numbers are not a problem for me. Takes the fast pace out of a a fast paced shop, the parts availability is like looking for gold, time consuming. Go look at O Reilly’s website, please Simple, informative. The old Tracs had its flaws, but was very workable( daily I deal with at least 10 invoices a day.). . click on an invoice and go. Now you spend literally 3 minutes trying to get the invoice to alphabetize. Just to open it.


NAPA Tracs has four different subscription plans, each increasing in functionality and cost. The first is the Silver subscription for $109/month. The second is the Gold subscription for $199/month. The third is the Platinum subscription for $329/month. The last is the Platinum Plus subscription for $369/month.

For more information, please visit the NAPA TRACS website