Review: KUKUI Mechanic Shop Software

KUKUI is a mechanic shop software that offers a suite of tools to streamline operations and grow large automotive repair businesses and smaller, independently owned operations. Its standout feature is its focus on digital marketing and customer acquisition. KUKUI provides integrated marketing solutions, including website development, search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, and social media management, to help shops attract and retain customers effectively.

Additionally, KUKUI offers robust business management features such as appointment scheduling, CRM (Customer Relationship Management), invoicing, and reporting. Its user-friendly interface and customizable dashboard make it easy for shop owners to track key performance metrics and manage day-to-day operations efficiently.

What sets KUKUI apart from other software is its emphasis on data-driven decision-making. KUKUI provides detailed analytics and insights into marketing campaigns, website performance, and customer behavior, empowering shops to make informed decisions to improve their business strategies.

Moreover, KUKUI offers excellent customer support and training resources to help shops maximize the benefits of its software. With its comprehensive suite of tools, data-driven approach, and dedication to customer success, KUKUI stands out as a valuable solution for automotive repair shops looking to streamline operations, attract more customers, and drive business growth.

What Others Had to Say

Positive Feedback

From: David L

“Kukui has been my partner for many years, both in CRM and in online marketing. “
Overall: Online presence, and quick
Pros: Great SEO, website, and marketing ROI tracking. I like the ability to listen to past phone conversations and analyse our phone skills. I like being able to easily add new pictures and content to the website without calling someone. I like the follow-up feature, which is working great (a log for who gets a call, who got a call and what happened). I like the appointment reminder being sent by email and the thank you emails going out automatically and asking for a review.
Cons: I think it would be great to have a more detailed and precise scheduled maintenance reminder going out to the customer, that is more tailored to the individual vehicle and customer driving profile. I think it would be great to implement a communication app or feature that show the shop to send and receive text messages to customers, and have it function the same as texting on the phone, except through kukui and allowing us to save The message thread…?
From: Robert B
“Very Good”
Overall: Most of my website presence handled.
Pros: The dashboard is easy to maneuver and has many nice features. Having multiple landing pages has really helped us out a lot. Adwords works well and has generated us a reasonable about of leads and Online appointments. I really like the Visual Appeal and Navigation. It is great to be able to do so many things myself.
Cons: Text messaging is weak and cumbersome, need some improvement with the usability of that. The SEO and content development is pretty much non-extent, and although that isn’t your real focus, users like me need some options with that avenue to improve our SEO. Sometimes the sales representatives are nothing more than a sales person and do not have the product or marketing expertise that they should to really help us.

Negative Feedback

From: Michael R

“Love the dashboard. Support and account managers are terrible “
Pros: The Dash board has a lot of great information and tracks information that is useful. Call recording makes it easy to find out if managers are doing and answering calls as trained Email marketing is great to have service reminders, thank you’s, and recommended services go out.
Cons: The support from account managers. The customer service is not what it used to be when we first started with Kukui. Account managers should have the basics down to know where the locations are, what they perform and how to generate more business for the customer. Adwords should be related to the business and what drives customers to search for them. Should not be paying for “Arizona emissions repair specialized in OBD1”. We have been through 3 account managers in 2 years, and each time it takes 2 months for the next to familiarize themselves with the locations. I pay for a service to be done by professionals, because I am am not in this field. But I expect more than what I am getting.
From: Verified Reviewer
“Buyer Beware”
Overall: Kukui provides a website for your clients to find you. They provide a dashboard that connects with many point of sale systems and tracks your clients and what they spend with you. This is incredibly dangerous when they start selling to your neighboring competitors because now they have all your information and can easily provide it to your competitors.
Pros: Kukui will get you appointments on your calendar – that is a good thing they do.
Cons: Kukui will lie to you in the sales process to get you to sign up for a more expensive plan and then when you cancel (because they duplicate your ad campaign for the shop 3 miles away), they will tell you there is a fee for what they promised for free in the beginning. Further, they will sell to everyone including your competitors next door. They duplicate your ads. Nothing is customized. If you have them posting to your social media pages, their posts are the same across all clients. This is not custom content. But you pay for custom content.


KUKUI offers many different plans at differing prices depending on what will be best suited for your small business. The plans they have are, Pro, Premium, Website Only, CRM-Only. They also offer different add-ons for a cost.

For further information on pricing and general information, please visit the KUKUI website