How Prices Are Calculated


When you enter your regular rate of $100.00 the invoice/estimate will display the following:

Cash Rate $100.00 (Your Regular Rate)

List Rate $103.99 (Your Regular Rate Including Fee)

Cash Total $100.00 (Your Regular Rate x Quantity)

List Total $103.99 (Regular Rate Including Fee x Quantity

Sales tax will be calculated on both totals. The only processing fee you will pay is on the sales tax amount and items that cannot be increased. Example – State vehicle inspections. 


Inspection $21.00 processing fee will be .80 cents.

Sales Tax $8.00 processing fee will be .32 cents.

If you are using QuickBooks or any other software, you can log this as a ‘Card Processing Fee’ expense to make your deposit balance. Please let us know if you need assistance.