Our new Dual Pricing Software is now in BETA and being refined to perfection!

Remove Your Processing Fees

Enter your existing prices and the software does the rest. Fully compliant in all states.

Dual Pricing – show both a list price and cash price.

Single Pricing – show the higher list price with a cash discount offer.

By offering dual pricing to our customers, we were able to save a substantial amount of money each year. Our customers have been understanding of this policy.

Burns Automotive

Oswego, NY

Our processing fees were getting higher and higher. We had planned to raise all our prices, but dual pricing is a better option. Our customers appreciate having the option to pay with cash and save.

Kevin's Car Care

Phoenix, NY

Dual Pricing has been a good fit for us. By offering a cash / card price, we have lowered our costs to operate. As a small business owner, this has been very helpful.

X-Treme Collision & Auto

Buffalo, NY

Common Questions

What if my customers don’t like it?

When presented properly, Dual Pricing provides a smooth & transparent experience for your customers. Consumers today are more educated about the costs involved in accepting card payments. By providing an option to pay with cash & save, you are giving your customers a choice. However, we want you to be fully comfortable with us. We do offer traditional processing and can switch you back if this is not a good fit for you.

Do I have to buy new equipment?

We will provide one free countertop terminal. A computer with internet access is required to use our software.

How do I settle & reconcile my daily sales?

When the terminal settles your daily batch, it will separate the additional fees collected from your total sales. If your gross sales for the day are $1,000 you will receive $1,000 on the next business day, if your business is approved for next day funding. Most clients are automatically approved for next day funding.

What is my monthly fee?

Monthly account fee $29.00

Annual IRS reporting fee $49.00


Can I use my existing software?

Yes but it will require an additional step.


Please visit this page for a detailed explaination https://myrateremover.com/how-prices-are-calculated/


Possibly. The additional amount charged for the list price may be subject to sales tax. You will receive a statement each month with the exact amount that was charged. Please consult your tax advisor.