Last December, 2023, New York Gov. Kathy Hochul signed a law making the popular ‘Non-Cash Adjustment’ program illegal. The law is to clarify the results of a lawsuit that was settled between a group of merchants and NYS in 2019. The non-cash adjustment program added a percentage to the final bill when someone used a card for payment. Businesses are doing this to offset the cost of accepting credit cards.

In January of 2019, a long running lawsuit was settled allowing merchants to add a fee or surcharge when a card is used for payment. A major part of this settlement has been overlooked and is now catching up to the industry. The settlement specifically states that both card price and cash price, or the higher card price only, must be displayed.

This presents a problem for typical auto repair shop software. Most invoicing and estimate programs are not designed to show two prices. Many repair shop owners make the mistake of adding on a line item surcharge that their software offers. This is illegal in NY, MA, CT and soon to be CA.

My name is Scott Gibbens. I am the founder of Rate Remover Software. I learned about this change in December of 2022 and started working on a solution. I started searching for a compliant solution to offer businesses who prepare a written invoice or estimate. Surprisingly, I did not find any.

I began designing our new software and we official launched in February of 2024. Our software creates a dual pricing invoice or estimate that shows both card and cash price. We are currently in BETA testing stage with under 50 end user accounts.

Our software is a simple invoice/estimating program. It will track sales, sales tax, and the basics but it is not setup as fully functional accounting software. We plan on offering our users the ability to integrate with Quickbooks within the next month.

Single price with card fees built in automatically. Cash discount available.

Dual Pricing – both card and cash price listed.

We are on a mission to get the word out. Businesses who are still adding a surcharge for card payments could face fines from the state and the card brands. If you own an auto repair shop and need a solution, call or email us today! A non-auto repair version is available as well.