Review: Auto Leap Software

AutoLeap is a comprehensive software solution designed to streamline operations and enhance efficiency for automotive repair shops. Its standout feature is its focus on automation and artificial intelligence (AI) technology, which aims to simplify various tasks and improve productivity.

One of the key aspects that sets AutoLeap apart from other software is its AI-driven parts ordering system. The software analyzes historical data and current inventory levels to generate intelligent parts recommendations, ensuring shops have the right parts on hand when needed, thereby reducing downtime and improving turnaround times for repairs.

Moreover, AutoLeap offers a range of features including appointment scheduling, vehicle inspection reports, invoicing, and customer communication tools. Its user-friendly interface and customizable workflows make it easy for shop owners and technicians to manage day-to-day operations efficiently.

Additionally, AutoLeap provides integrated marketing solutions to help shops attract and retain customers. From automated appointment reminders to targeted email campaigns, the software enables shops to engage with customers effectively and build lasting relationships.

Overall, AutoLeap stands out as a comprehensive and innovative software solution that combines automation, AI technology, and integrated marketing tools to help automotive repair shops streamline operations, increase productivity, and drive business growth. With its user-friendly interface and advanced features, AutoLeap is a valuable asset for shops looking to stay competitive in today’s rapidly evolving automotive industry.

What Others Had to Say

Positive Feedback

From: Luis N

“Mundo Auto Sales- Luis Noriega “
Pros: How easy it is to work with making the quotes, invoicing, scheduling appointments, and the marketing.
Cons: Nothing really everything is simple and easy once you get into actually working with it but they have good people to help you to understand the system a lot.
From: Meagan M
“Lots of Help with Startup”
Pros: I was very appreciative of the support and help with swapping our business to AutoLeap. [sensitive content hidden] and others were very helpful in getting us trained and our information swapped over from our previous software.
Cons: We were precarious about swapping to begin with due to no trial period. But thankfully it worked out well for us!

Negative Feedback:

From: Ransom M

“Don’t do it, you’ll regret it”
Overall: Dishonesty. Was lied to during sales and implementations – promises were made, then we were ignored once we called them out on this. In the end, got stuck in a 12 month contract. Attempted to cancel 30 days before contract end date, needed data – was ignored for 2 months, then told they couldn’t fulfill the data request. Now they are saying we are on the hook for another 12 month contract, and they refuse to refund the 2 months past contract date – despite it being their error. This is with written confirmation our contract would be cancelled on time to avoid another 12 month agreement. AutoLeap does not take responsibility for its employees, what they commit to. If you do with them at all, get ALLL in email.
Pros: Overall, clean interface – easy to use.
Cons: Dishonesty. If you raise issues, they will simply ignore and avoid you. They take no responsibility for broken commitments.
From: Carl W
“Do not purchase if you are a small shop!”
Overall: Hello, I am the owner of a small shop in Elko MN, I chose to use AutoLeap in an effort to help manage and track my customers and inventory. I was told [sensitive content hidden] Auto Parts would be available to me and I would have full integration with there parts ordering through AutoLeap. Since day 1, two months ago, I have not been able to use this feature. They tell me its a third party issue they are not responsible for and will not refund my money. I am told my commitment to them is very important!! I guess there commitment to there customer is far less important. I was also told Motors repair guide was apart of my purchase as well, Motors works on 25% of the cars and when asked about it, I was told “change the year of the car, and it might work” and also told I should just get another repair guide software because they all have “holes” and every shop has multiple guides. They have my money, and I have part of a software program. They do not deliver what they promise, maybe If I was a bigger shop, but I am not!! Don’t put yourself through the stress pencil and paper is easier
Pros: I do not have Many pros at all do to lack of operation.
Cons: AutoLeap does not provide services they promise before purchase. I am a small shop and not important enough for AutoLeap to correct there failures.


AutoLeap offers many different plans at differing prices depending on what will be best suited for your small business. The plans they have are, Essentials, Pro, Pro Plus, and Multi-Shop. They also have a premium marketing module that can be added for an additional cost.

For further information on pricing and general information, please visit the AutoLeap website