Review: Ari Software

ARI (Auto Repair Invoicing) is a software designed to streamline the invoicing process for automotive repair shops. Its standout feature is its focus on simplicity and efficiency, allowing shops to create and manage invoices quickly and easily.

One of the key aspects that sets ARI apart from other software is its user-friendly interface. The software offers a clean and intuitive layout, making it easy for shop owners and technicians to navigate and use effectively. This simplicity helps to streamline the invoicing process, saving time and reducing errors.

Additionally, ARI offers a range of features to help shops manage their invoicing workflow. It allows users to create and customize invoices, track payments, and generate reports for accounting purposes. ARI also integrates with popular accounting software, allowing for seamless transfer of invoicing data.

Furthermore, ARI provides excellent customer support and training resources to help shops get the most out of the software. With its focus on simplicity, efficiency, and customer satisfaction, ARI is a valuable tool for automotive repair shops looking to streamline their invoicing process and improve overall efficiency.

What Others Had to Say

Positive Feedback

From: Rab H

“Simple but powerful app!”
Overall: I have been with these buy from the time they started. I purchased out a full version of it in its younger days seeing its potential so I can confidently say they are doing very well thus far. I am not sponsored by them or anything but if a product is great and simple I am all for it.
Pros: Very user friendly, customer service is great, and they are always updating to meet broader needs of an automotive business.
Cons: Cons cannot be in the vocabulary of an app that is just coming up the game. Functionality is there but needs time to catch up to the big players far as full integration is concerned. It wouldn’t be fair to judge the underdog that is trying their best to compete.
From: Ryan C
“ARI is perfect for me!!”
Pros: I can’t say enough good things about this company. I am starting up my own business and I am so grateful to have found ARI. I was looking into many other CRM’s like ShopKey, Shopmonkey, etc, but the price was far too steep on those programs for my situation. Don’t get me wrong, ShopKey is a great software, but it was a $300 a month commitment that I couldn’t not do. After searching high and low I found ARI. ARI is simple, affordable, and has all of the features I need, and more. What I love most about ARI is that their team listens to feedback and is CONSTANTLY IMPROVING. I have never had an issue with their program, when I need it, it works. I love it for the price point and simplicity, it is perfect for me.
Cons: At this moment, after using ARI for a year now, I really do not have any cons that I can think of. It’s a great CRM and for the price point I promise it cannot be beat.

Negative Feedback

From: Mida N

“Unhappy customer “
Overall: Not happy, we’ve been complaining about slow software and highly glitchy that has been causing us major errors. We already submitted about 15 complaints. And the last one was multiple invoices are being created under the same number which will cause us so much trouble with our accounting. We hope those issues get taken in consideration or unfortunately we’ll have to look for different software.
Pros: Very difficult to operate. Only pros that it doesn’t automatically delete information entered
Cons: Unlimited Glitches, software is slow. Freezes most of the time.
From: Brian R
“Ari review”
Overall: I don’t like it and there are much better options out there, but for the money it’s hard to beat. Works decent for small operations but I can’t imagine trying to run a larger shop on this software.
Pros: It’s cheap and gets the job done, but glitchy and not very user friendly.
Cons: The software will randomly duplicate items on the estimate/invoice so you have to be careful and double check the work so you don’t look like an idiot when sending out estimates or billing the customer. It also doesn’t automatically update the date on the final invoice from the date of the estimate. In addition, the labor/part grouping feature is a pain to use because you have to back out and go back in for each selected group.


ARI offers two different subscriptions at different costs. The first is ARI Pro for $39.99/month. The second is ARI Pro Plus for $59.99/month. ARI offers a discount to users who bill their subscription by year opposed to monthly.

For more information, please visit the ARI website