Review: ActionRev Software

ActionRev is a specialized auto repair shop software designed to streamline operations and enhance efficiency for automotive service providers. This platform offers a comprehensive suite of features tailored to meet the unique needs of repair shops, from managing customer relationships to handling inventory and invoicing.

One of the key strengths of ActionRev lies in its user-friendly interface, which simplifies the complexities of daily tasks such as scheduling appointments, tracking vehicle histories, and managing parts and supplies. This intuitive design ensures that mechanics and shop managers can easily navigate the software, leading to increased productivity and reduced errors in service delivery and billing.

ActionRev also excels in its reporting capabilities, providing detailed insights into business performance metrics like profitability, technician efficiency, and customer retention rates. These analytics enable shop owners to make informed decisions, optimize workflows, and identify areas for improvement, ultimately fostering business growth and customer satisfaction.

In conclusion, ActionRev stands out as a reliable and efficient software solution for auto repair shops looking to modernize their operations. With its user-friendly interface, comprehensive feature set, and powerful reporting tools, ActionRev effectively addresses the challenges faced by automotive service providers in today’s competitive market landscape.

What Others Had to Say

Positive Feedback

From: Darlene S

“Action Rev Product Review”
Overall: I love working with the employees and [SENSITIVE CONTENT] of Action Rev because they are so responsive to my feedback and suggestions for enhancements! As a result my day to day Accounting work load has become easier to manage!
Pros: My favorite feature that I love is the core tracking ability and the creation of credit memos for core returns. I am able to send out outstanding core reports to each of our customers each month. I loved that Action Rev worked with me every step of the way to create this solution and took us from a paper based system of tracking cores to an automated one.
Cons: Something that is still on my wish list is to have the ability to email invoices, estimates and core reports directly from the Action Rev software itself. Currently we can still create PDF files to email to our customers, it would be nice to email multiple items in one email.
From: Carrie C
“Does Basically What We Need and Keeps Improving”
Overall: Overall, I have been happy with my experience with ActionRev. They are usually quick to respond when we have questions or problems and we don’t feel left in the dark. This software team seems to really care about making a product to meet our needs and it has been very nice working with everyone there!
Pros: I appreciate the accurate daily upload to QuickBooks, in addition to the ability to track customer cores in the system. We have asked a lot of ActionRev and they continue to improve on what they are capable of handling.
Cons: There are a few reports that seem to lack finish, but we hope to see them getting them done in the near future.

From: Casey S

“We’ve been using this software for 6 years now!”
Overall: This system keeps record of all customers and completed jobs. Inventory etc is kept track of as well, though we don’t use it to track inventory
Pros: The software is easy to learn and implement. Keeps all customer transactions within the click of a button! Easily exports completed invoices to Quick Books!
Cons: sometimes glitchy when trying to void a work order or invoice. When the system goes down there is sometimes a lag in the problem being resolved to get the system back up and running.


ActionRev offers plans at different costs depending on how many users your business requires. Plans start at $200/month for 2 users and go up with size.

For more information on subscriptions and pricing, please visit the ActionRev website